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FormShare lets you create free, conversational online forms. No coding needed — simply type your questions as naturally as having a conversation.

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Boring forms are a thing of the past - with Formshare, your forms will feel more like a conversation rather than just another ordinary form.

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No more complex logic builders - just describe what you want and Formshare will craft the perfect form for you.

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Formshare can speak in multiple languages, giving you the ability to reach more people - no matter where they are.

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What people are saying

1000+ and growing

Join the growing number of customers who trust Formshare for conversational data collection.

Atharv Remeshan


I tried Formshare and it's very unique, love the custom responses being generated by AI. Better than the other forms out there.

Guillaume Grall

Founder at Digital Valley

Great free tool to create better looking forms than usual Google Forms or MS Forms. Still a few features missing but clearly on the right track!



Copywriting Freelancer

Amazing tool. Great functionalities and it's FREE! Love it!

Francisco Erian


This is a great development with a lot of potential. I tried it out as soon as it was released, implemented it, and I truly think it’s a very interesting and creative twist to fully leverage AI integration in our data collection workflows.



Nikolay just dropped one of the coolest looking products I've seen so far this year on ProductHunt

Shushant Lakhyani

Head of Growth

Early stage founders would love using these forms to get better user feedback

Cristina C

Product Manager

This is a fantastic idea. It's great to see such innovative solutions being developed. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Nataliia Tuchapets


Formshare is a powerful and user-friendly platform that revolutionizes the way forms are created. By allowing users to describe their form requirements in natural language, Formshare removes the technical barriers typically associated with form creation.


Bernardt Vogel

I really enjoy the smooth flow formshare provides when it comes to building/filling out forms.

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  • Appointment Scheduling Integrations
  • Dynamic, interactive input elements
  • Customize the colors of your forms
  • Multilingual Support
  • Custom Tone of Voice


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Yes, Formshare is completely free to use. You can create unlimited forms and store unlimited responses.

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